Tsogkas Konstantinos

Short bio

Β.1983. I live and work in Greece, in Magnesia region. I am an amateur photographer and I love gardening. At an early age, I showed particular interest in crafts using natural or found material. Together with my partner Nikoletta, we started  “PAINTmyNOOK”, and we accept commissions for interior design, upcycling and furniture makeover using chalk-paint techniques. Our participation in the Openup UTH Domestic Assemblage laboratories has been a landmark for our development and broadened our creative field. So far, we had the opportunity to apply our old and new skills to a summer restaurant renovation project. 

Description of general work / practice

I love to collect used household objects and repurpose them in a contemporary environment. I find charming the idea that objects ‘tell stories’ about the past, which may carry useful messages for our present or future domestic lives. I have always been particularly interested in assemblage, because of its dual nature; art and functionality. My favorite material, the one that I pursue to use, is timber or anything made of wood. At PAINTmyNOOK we love to create charming and useful pieces, by painting the old or re-assembling the obsolete. Our common favorite game is playing with light – we love to explore the potential of an object to be re-purposed as a lighting device. 

Portfolio / Sample of work