The Open Up Cooperative Initiative (OUCI), is a business promotional tool that was created as part of the Open UP project that was co-funded by the Creative Europe programme (Ref: 607376-CREA-1-2019-1-CY-CULT-COOP2). This tool was created for the workshop participants from seven different countries (Cyprus, Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, Finland and Sweden) to promote their work, after the end of the project, towards becoming financially sustainable and successful artists.

During 2021-2023, 24 workshops were organised and implemented by all institutions participating in the OPEN UP project as partners. These covered a wide range of performative and visual arts, as well as design and audiovisual media. Indicatively, workshops included jewellery and crafts, textiles, theatre and performance, photography, sound, cooking, gardening, visual arts and fashion.

This platform presents the profiles and creative works of participants who had the opportunity, through these workshops, to develop their skills and create new artworks, as well as enhance their practices.

This is a tool that will facilitate the participants’ networking after the end of the project, aid in the promotion of their artworks on a global scale and put to test what these talented artists have already learnt through these workshops.