Theodora Andreou

Short bio

In 2014 Department of Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cyprus.
In 2018 Drama School “Vladimiros Kafkaridis”.
In 2017 took part in the performance directed by Mr. Neoklis Neokleous, ‘Electra’, during the International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama.
In 2019 created the workshop of theatre ‘Theatrola’.
In 2018 she volunteered in the production of ‘Kenophobia’- Larnaca Biennale.
In 2020, she collaborated with the Youth Makerspace Larnaca in the programme of MakersHouse’20 for the designing, creating and narrating the stop-motion animation ‘Stories of Brave Women’.
In 2021 she took part in the performance ‘Fuenteovejuna’- ‘Roi’.
She participated in the production of ‘Sender’ directed by Stavri Kalopetridou.
In May 2022 she starred in the short film ‘A Normal Day’ directed by Anna Tanti.
In June 2022 she participated in the performance ‘The Line’ by Israel Horovitz’s with the Spredd production.
In September 2022 she participated in the THOK production as an assistant director, ‘1984’ by George Orwell directed by Leandros Taliotis.
In November 2022, she participated in a production of ‘Wash Off’ directed by Stavri Kalopetridou.
In 2022 she attended and participated in the ‘Open Up’-Performance Laboratory program within the framework of the European Program for Culture ‘Creative Europe’.
In January 2023 assistant director in the performance ‘The play that goes wrong’ directed by Fotis Georgidis.

Description of general work / practice

I am interested in the friction with the individual’s existence, his uniqueness and his need for expression. Each body carries amazing stories and has deep primitive needs, these I try to bring to light and to the public. Οur need to come to terms with our innermost desires. What we have learned to hide behind our image is our truly naked and pure self. These thoughts activate my creativity and push me to write, make pictures, use my body and express myself freely. Are there any limits? how real is the fear? how intangible our thoughts are and when they are realized.

Portfolio / Sample of work