Simone Khenkin

Short bio

Simone Khenkin is a multidisciplinary performer, trainer and educator from Nicosia, Cyprus. She has developed capacities in performance, immersive and experimental theatre, musical theatre, directing, choreography, playwriting and stage management. Following her studies in drama (University of Kent) and theatre education (Emerson College), she followed her deep curiosity and interest in systemic change and pursued a sociology and education EdM degree at Teachers College at Columbia University. Alongside her artistic pursuits, she is passionate about training other teachers and teaching artists in the artistry of pedagogy, with a goal of capacity building and improvement of learning experiences for students in school and after-school. 

Description of general work / practice

Simone is focused on creating original work, adaptations and ensemble work. Her past work in theatre includes theatre for the very young (under 2 years old), theatre for young audiences, immersive productions, musical theatre and directing student lead and written productions.At present, she is working on developing her one-woman show that explores the impact of societal pressures on the psyche. Inspired by her own diaries and personal history with physical and mental health, she explores the long twisted road of healing and bettering ones self through the lens of therapeutic approaches. She is also currently in the process of developing an ensemble-based theatre company that focused on immersive experiences for audiences of all ages.

Portfolio / Sample of work