Rebecca Zoyia Efstathiou

Short bio

Rebecca Efstathiou, born in London 1973, grew up in an artistic family from all areas of the arts, also follows Fine Art and completes a Bachelor’s degree at the Nottingham Trent university in 1995. In 1998 arrives in Cyprus, where the artist is based since then, participating in many exhibitions, artists residencies and art festivals, like the perceiving academy residency, Praksis Oslo, Biennale Larnaca exhibition, to name a few.

Efstathiou is also a member of EKATE Cyprus Chamber of fine art and Phytorio Artists Association, a former Museum Educator and Programmes Coordinator at the Zampelas Art Museum, organiser of the ‘Dysfunctionalities in Contemporary Art’ conference and recently a 2nd and 3rd prize winner of the Art competition for the court of Famagusta, Cyprus in December 2021.

Description of general work / practice

Through the spectrum of tracing the process and the evolving synergies that occur in the artistic work space, Efstathiou’s practice focuses and documents the creation of an artwork related to the history of each space the artist is working on. Works derive either directly or indirectly and the focus is particularly on pieces that somehow never ‘make’ it to the final work where these visual residues, become the protagonists of the artist’s practice.

Portfolio / Sample of work