Rebecca Zoyia Efstathiou

Short bio

Rebecca Efstathiou, born in London, is a multidisciplinary artist, based in Cyprus. Studied Fine Arts at the Nottingham Trent university. 

Description of general work / practice

Rebecca Efstathiou is an interdisciplinary artist based in Nicosia, passionate about the exploration of place and the process in art. Delving into the examination of the influence of physical and conceptual environments of the artistic creation, as well as the investigation of the techniques, methods, and journey involved in the artistic process, a rich interplay takes place, between the artist’s surroundings, personal experiences, and the transformative power of the creative practice. By merging, juxtaposing, or questioning these aspects, Efstathiou invites viewers to reflect on the complexities of existence, and the rich interplay between the tangible and intangible dimensions of our lives.

Portfolio / Sample of work