Nuné Tounjikian

Short bio

Nuné (°1995, Nicosia, Cyprus)
Armenian- Cypriot artist specializing in photography and filmmaking
A passionate filmmaker, visual artist, storyteller, podcast host and youth worker.

I was brought up as an Armenian immigrant in a traditional home. As my parents struggled for their basic survival needs, growing up, emotional and mental health was not discussed. Having experienced this disconnect as a child it sparked an intense need within me to be understood and to connect to fellow humans on deeper levels.

Description of general work / practice

Researching the vulnerability of what it means to be human, her works showcase the ways we fall and rise, we learn and grow. The intention of her storytelling is to capture a moment of truth, a moment of intimacy and vulnerability, emphasizing the undeniable fact that we all share similar emotions, we all feel pain and love. A reminder to everyone, to allow each other to feel and safely relate.

Portfolio / Sample of work