Noutsa Nina Poulouzasvili

Short bio

Coming from a street dance background, I constantly explore different possibilities of movement to create new information & narrative. By participating in local and international dance battles, I’ve been awarded in the categories of Hip Hop and Experimental dance.  I’m also a youth worker, I teach and co-create with young people by practicing artistic activism, and address subjects that tackle the concerns of youth through hip hop theatre. I represent a local youth NGO (YEU Cyprus), where through project development and non-formal education methodology, active citizenship is encouraged for young people.

Description of general work / practice

Dancer/performer, exploring movement through the dance genres of Hip hop party rocking, Popping (tutting, animation, waving), Waacking dance, and enriching the vocabulary with contemporary dance. I have a deep interest in improvisation, and the possibilities of the body to create narrative through visual metaphors and illusions.  As a choreographer/creator, I draw inspiration from political issues, with an on-going interest in the critical theory ‘the society of the spectacle’ by Guy Debord, where the concept of “the spectacle” interrelates and explains a wide range of seemingly unconnected phenomena in a society that is mediated by images.

Portfolio / Sample of work