Nikoletta Theodoropoulou

Short bio

B.1979. I live and work in Greece, in Magnesia region. I am a licensed, freelance Civil Engineer and an artist. I am mainly practicing figurative painting and have participated in group art exhibitions. I am a life-long learner and have attended several online art-related courses. Our participation in the Openup UTH Domestic Assemblage laboratories has been a landmark for our development and broadened our creative field. So far, we had the opportunity to apply our old and new skills to a summer restaurant renovation project.

Description of general work / practice

I aspire to create spaces where art and function co-exist and are in dialogue with the human activity that gives them value. I also love plot twists, and I regard as such the unexpected product of assemblage; I find intriguing the activity of treating used objects as parts of a new piece that never existed before, and which is about to solve a problem. At PAINTmyNOOK we love to create charming and useful pieces, by painting the old or re-assembling the obsolete. Our common favorite game is playing with light – we love to explore the potential of an object to be re-purposed as a lighting device.

Portfolio / Sample of work