Marianna Filopoulou

Short bio

I was born in Greece (1995) and studied Architecture at the University of Thessaly. As long as I remember myself, I had always an aptitude for handcrafts and assemblage. My studies gave me the opportunity to experiment with different scales and materials, and collaborate with people from different knowledge fields and backgrounds. In a continuous attempt to expand my interests and abilities, I have attended several workshops and seminars around silkprint, linocut, wood craft and design of daily life objects. The daily routine is the main source of inspiration for me.

Description of general work / practice

My work mainly consists of dipoles. Through the combination of “opposite” subject areas and materials, I’m trying to study the practices of everyday life and our relationship with it. Paradox is another basic element of my projects. Modeling ideas based on humour and irony, is something I normally do through the process of experimentation, keeping me that way in a good mood and increasing my creativity.

Portfolio / Sample of work