Lise Lerichomme

Short bio

Lise Lerichomme is a visual artist, researcher and scholar living in the north of France. She has participated in several exhibitions, residencies and workshops in France, Italy, Spain and Canada. She is the co-founder of La Collective, an artistic organisation whose aim is to promote young contemporary creation.

Description of general work / practice

The plastic experiments that she has been carrying out in recent years have focused on identifying the rituals that bring bodies together (food sharing, games, care and ornamentation of the body) and create groups, assemblies or crowds of women. They are based on investigative work based on elements from material and popular history (Z movie posters, military instruction scarves, protective amulets, etc.). The anecdote is at the center of her work, in an approach that often joins micro-history. Achievements take distinct forms and supports. The choice of materials (leather, bone, wood, hair, silk…) and materializations of this research (edition, installation, graphic works, sculptures…) is always slowly matured, and tries to be as close as possible to the object or the story at the source of the creation.

Portfolio / Sample of work