Katerina Zirpiadou (Rakos)

Short bio

I was born in Ptolemaida in 1999. I currently study Architecture at the University of Thessaly in Volos. Visual and performing arts have been my passion since i was little and i experiment on different forms of them through the years of my studies. The last two years i’ve been focusing on etching and linoprinting, stick and poke tattooing and on drag performance. I am also at my sixth year of classical vocals studies.

Description of general work / practice

The products of the different activities might seem incohesive at first sight but I discover funny connections between them in the process. My linos seem to present a dystopic version of the place I grew up, a recreation of images according to how they were engraved in a way in my memory. My drag again goes back to the pressure of growing up as a queer person in a small Greek village with many patriarchal figures and conservatory models around me. So through my persona, Sergay Rakosylektra Parakatyanov, I once again recreate this reality and redefined it, often embodying some pagan and Balkan references alongside the agender identity of the persona. These ventures propose facing and embracing the ugliness around us before running away from it and turning it into something else.


Portfolio / Sample of work