Katerina Neofytidou

Short bio

Katerina holds bachelor’s degrees in Architecture and in Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design and a Master of Fine Arts from Frederick University. She lives and works in Nicosia and has represented Cyprus in international art exhibitions in Europe and Asia. From 2016 to 2022 Katerina assumed duties of vice president of the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts and since 2018 she has been organizing international artists’ residencies, seeking to create opportunities and connections for other artists. Katerina has also received first prizes in competitions for the selection of works of art for the Research Promotion Foundation, the Famagusta District Court and the Cyprus Olympic Committee, as well as second prize in the Art Competition for the Erection of a Monument to the 1974 Missing Persons in Limassol. Her work is in the Cypriot National Collection of Contemporary Art, the Luciano Benetton Collection and other private collections.

Description of general work / practice

With an interdisciplinary approach and experimental mood, Katerina’s work explores the ephemeral Spaces of Transformation between any two bodies – whether physical, social or conceptual- such as human and environment or conscious and unconscious. She observes their relationships, often through the lens of universal forces such as entropy or gravity, and examines how their inter-actions can fuel tensions, fragmentations and sociopolitical transformations. The artist’s efforts to counter-balance this psychological tension include sculpture, installation, video, printmaking, and 3D printing and expand into psycho-physical practices, achieving balance in upside down yoga postures and creating ridiculous meditations, while even chemical reactions, perceptual capacity and qualities such as feelings become elements of the work.

* In ‘Embedded Gods’, Venus de Milo is digitally abstracted and dissected to produce fragments of dysfunctional architecture, which appear immobilized and floating in space, holding captive the dynamic bodies of Zeus, or Poseidon, of Artemision and of the Discobolus.

Portfolio / Sample of work