Ilina Chervonnaya

Short bio

Ilina Chervonnaya is an interdisciplinary artist based in Cyprus. Ilina graduated from ICA Moscow, and the Critique and Curatorial Studies at Unique Institute; participated in an exchange program at Goldsmiths University, and in residencies/workshops in Cyprus, including Perceiving Academy by Eric Ellingsen; co-curated Sound and Touch residency program in Cyprus, created and co-curated the POLYPHONIZE project in Cyprus. Ilina works with multiple media, including installation, sculpture, textile, sound, text, video, tours and situations

Description of general work / practice

Her current work is inspired by the phenomena of tourism in its multifaceted aspects, the medical myth of eternal youth, and associated syndromes and side effects. Her practice revolves somewhere between fictional narratives, documentary casts, self-reflective observations, and historical references. She works in the genre of the so-called site speculation, the artist carefully explores, negotiates and highlights the complexities and contradictions of the place. Her work is structured around stories, poetic connections and wit or flashes of insight, based on research, observations, and conversations. The intention is to trigger a new perspective/feeling regarding the culture of consuming places.

Portfolio / Sample of work