Ilaf Haidar

Short bio

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Damascus in Syria, and a Master’s degree in Arts in France. Ilaf Haidar is a visual artist hands-on, rich in incredible experiences, with an interest in all that surrounds her, she was a props master for a TV series, a graphic designer, an art teacher, a painter and photographer. Ilaf is also trilingual. Born in France to Syrian parents, Ilaf returns to Syria before her third birthday. Diplomas in hand, she comes back to France in 2011 where she currently lives.

Description of general work / practice

Her work revolves generally around the way we perceive the world surrounding us with our five senses, and how we process our experiences, and then express them. What is left from our memories about past events, places or even dreams? Can we say that abstract art is an expression of that souvenir? Are the questions that drive her art and work. Interested with new technologies and the multiple opportunities they offer us, Ilaf wonders: how being exposed to screens all day is changing our perception and vision. She is in a constant pursuit of different ways in which she can combine her sensibility toward materials and techniques, with how she reflects and processes and uses new technologies.

Portfolio / Sample of work