Hayal Gezer

Short bio

Hayal is an interdisciplinary practitioner. She finished her BA Hons. Arts and Media in University for Creative Arts, she pursued her interest in film making by doing an MA in Digital Media and Film in Eastern Mediterranean University. Currently, she works as a freelance art director, photographer and communications specialist. Up until recently she was a member of academic staff in Cyprus International University, teaching Basic and Advanced photography. In the past she also worked as a communications specialist with various NGO’s in north of Cyprus to increase the visibility of NGOs. “AA Meetings (Artists Anonymous)” held in NiMAC, 2017 and “Howling Workshop” held in Buffer zone during Respublika festival, 2017, “Wilder Healer” mindful movement workshop in 2018 as part of Mind Body Spirit Festival, and “territorially”, a performative workshop as part of Xarkis Festival Art Residency in October 2021, were results of her effort in combining her studies in different disciplines into an applicable methodology. Hayal always aims to contribute to create a sense of community, belonging and to bring people from different demographics together.

Description of general work / practice

My work explores identity, sense of belonging, relationship between the body and space, open communication, creating or disrupting narratives. As a medium I use experimental photography, video, interactive installation, performance and in some cases various word or card games as well as storytelling to explore relations. I also have been experimenting mapping emotions/experiences via movement based practices, and topography.

Portfolio / Sample of work