Giovanni Presutti

Short bio

Giovanni Presutti is a Cypriot born visual artist based in Nicosia Cyprus. He is currently participating in the studio arts program at the Metáfora art school in Barcelona. As part of the Nicosia-based collective ‘Eklektiva Project,’ he has participated in a multidisciplinary group show in one of Nicosia’s heritage status homes and is part of an ongoing project under the Eklektiva moniker aimed at engaging with Nicosia’s complex and often contested bicultural heritage through the investigation and revival of neglected communal spaces and historical sites around the city. 

Description of general work / practice

Giovanni Presutti is a visual artist working primarily in figurative and gestural abstraction. As a painter he is fascinated by the narrative potential of single images and the dramatic tension produced by the distortion of a subjects’ relationship to its original form and function. Through a process of addition and subtraction of colour and plane, he repurposes the narratives of objects, figures, and environments to explore the subversion of an objects bond to its space and allow for new relational ideas across subjects to emerge in the shared space of the canvas.

Portfolio / Sample of work