Georgios Kyrou

Short bio

Hi! I’m George Kyrou, I’m a Graphic Designer specialising in social design and community engagement. I am a proud Nicosia local, with a passion for history and heritage, often researching and adopting practices into my life and work. I’m an environmentalist, trying to live as zero-waste as possible and I love re-using and repurposing unloved materials. I enjoy reverse engineering and making my own supplies, such as olive oil, bread and beer. My love for activism has lead me down many paths, currently coordinating the Fashion Revolution Cyprus team, alongside some incredibly talented people.

Description of general work / practice

I’m passionate about design and up-cycling, as I am currently running my own fashion project, focused on repurposing old military uniforms, fabric samples and other salvaged fabrics. I am not a fashion designer myself; though I am currently learning how to sew, hence I collaborate with talented local young designers to create through conversation, often leading to more exciting and unexpected outcomes. We have also ran a massive fabric sale, with salvaged vintage fabrics, that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. We put on clothes swap events, where people can bring in pre-loved items and exchange them, promoting sustainability and community. In previous years I have worked in more traditional graphic design jobs, in print shops and in a fashion retailer as an online promoter, yet I now wish to move down a more creative path.

Portfolio / Sample of work