Georgios Bizios

Short bio

George Bizios (1993) is a guitarist, composer, improviser and interdisciplinary artist from Limassol, Cyprus. Bizios’ practice explores ideas like improvisation in different contexts and structures, contemporary compositional forms and extended guitar techniques. Some of his personal works were presented in several festivals and residency programs in Cyprus. 

Description of general work / practice

As part of his research as a composer and maker, in recent years Bizios’ interests have been concentrated on works that extend the conventional musical setting and focus primarily on the human body and use of space. His latest projects approach the performing context as a transformational process, a contemporary ritual or a method of procedure that gradually shifts the perception and mental state of the performers. By deconstructing and juxtaposing musical tools and principles, he creates systems and action-based compositions for human bodies based on basic human-functions and motor skills such as breathing, walking, touching, connecting, gazing, pausing and observing. The objective of his work has been to reconnect with the present moment and the primary nature of existence. 

Portfolio / Sample of work