Eleni Phyla

Short bio

Eleni Phyla is a visual artist, performer and workshop facilitator. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, workshops and publications in Cyprus, Greece, France, Austria and Italy. She is the founder of Forest and love, an outdoor workshop that focuses on nature and feelings.

She completed Performance Lab directed by Lia Haraki in collaboration with NiMAC and OpenUp Eu (2022). She follows Art Therapy course of the Aegean University. She graduated from Athens School of Fine Arts with an extension in pedagogy (2015) and also studied at the School of Fine and Applied Arts of Thessaloniki (2007-9), and at the École National Supèrieure des Beaux Arts in Paris with the Erasmus grant (2011-12).

She is a lisenced skipper and lifeguard. She has an extensive experience in free camping and she loves outdoor activities like swimming, hiking and natural cultivation of the land.

Description of general work / practice

Her art has conceptual roots and it takes different forms, from pencil on paper to new media and performance. Her principle is to liberally use any medium that will help her convey best her idea. Hence, she is a multidisciplinary artist. Thematically, she is interested in psychology, nature and ecology.

Success for Phyla is to transmit a personal experience to a universal level. Ideally, to shift a feeling or a perception of the viewer. The audience is very important, it completes the work. This is why, she prefers to keep the concept simple so that her projects are accessible to a wider public and can lend themselves to multiple interpretations.

Portfolio / Sample of work