Dimitra Dimiatriadou

Short bio

I work as a Special Education Teacher in public primary schools

1st degree

Pedagogical Department of Kindergarten Teachers of the University of Ioannina

2nd degree 
“Dance Education-Bachelor of Arts in (Cum Laude) in Dance4 years of study at the University of Nicosia (2008-2013)

3rd degree

Master’s Degree in Educational Sciences – Special Education – University of Nicosia 2015. 


Fitness diplomas:

  • In 2012: the Factor F fitness diploma form Radical Fitness.
  • In 2013 I attended the intensive Pilates Coach Master Trainer courses and received the diplomas:
  • The Pilates Coach Foundation, The Pilates Coach Mat level 1 &  2,
  • The Pilates Coach Reformer, The Pilates Coach Reformer2.
  • In 2019 I attended the courses for the Dancise fitness program and got a diploma for teaching-Instructor.

I took part in Dance festival as a choreographer where I presented my solo pieces.

Description of general work / practice

The last few years I have been involved in creating solo choreographies- performances, and my work focuses on my personal experiences, stories, and emotions as well as on that of other people. Through the choreographic process, I aim to bring suppressed emotions to the surface and project them. At the same time, my work has been seen as a way of protesting for social issues. Through exploration of the body, movements, voice, sound, directorial presence, the humorous side of human existence and self-sarcasm. Further, I aim to find a different way of approaching choreographies, in order to be more direct to the audience.

Portfolio / Sample of work