Daniela Callejas Aristizabal

Short bio

Designer, artist and researcher. Currently a Ph.D. student of the Picasso Ph.D. programme, and member of the Teaching and Research Staff of the Department of Philosophy at the UAB. Her background includes a Master’s in Art and Design Research (EINA, Barcelona) and a Bachelor’s in Industrial and Graphic Design (UJTL, Bogota). Her doctoral thesis entitled “From Picasso to contemporary poetics. Light, darkness and body as devices of memory and imagination” proposes a corporal, spatial and temporal reading from a hybrid and diversified vision of poetic compositions. In it, she expresses a contemporary and contestatory voice on the conventional ways of doing established by heteronormative and colonial discourses, this is particularly evident when approaching a poetic text, developing visual poetry through light, experimental art, performance and sound. One of the fundamental pillars of her research is built on poetic rhythm and sound, crossing the barriers of the visible/invisible to recite with other voices that manage to shape the poem. She has presented her work in both solo and group exhibitions in Latin America and Europe.

Description of general work / practice

I am a person open to live and explore new ways of doing. I find in sharing a fundamental pillar of any construction whether physical, ideological or mental. In a pursuit to develop other ways of connecting and being in the world, nature, and all the beings that accompany us.

Portfolio / Sample of work