Charis Iacovou

Short bio

Charis Iacovou is an architect and movement/performance artist. She graduated from School of Architecture of National Technical University of Athens and ‘Rallou Manou’ Professional Dance School in Athens. She has participated in Open Up Performance Lab (Pierides Foundation/ NiMaC/ curated-coordinated by Lia Haraki) from January to December 2021 and she was a resident artist of the residency program ‘Artists in Process 2022: Alive’ at Dance House Lefkosia. Choreographic work and performances of her have been presented at On Bodies Festival – Dance House Lefkosia and Open Up Performance Lab Final Presentations.

Description of general work / practice

Charis is interested in exploring tools of improvisation and composition, as well as redefining the frame and format of performance art by fusing elements/tools from her educational and professional background. By playing with the notions of presentation and representation, she intents to explore levels of experience and audience’s expectations. Her latest quests concern repetition, modern life and existence.

Portfolio / Sample of work