Celia Wong

Short bio

Celia Wong, was born and raised in Hong Kong, educated in spatial design & visual art in London and Hong Kong. She has been working as a multi-disciplinary artist, educator and curator in various arts and cultural projects over a decade. Since moving to Cyprus, she started engaging performance art. Recently her work focuses on awareness of the value of cross-cultural, from personal story to social issues through diversity art forms (visualisation, sound and performance).

Description of general work / practice

“The Real People 2023” is a kind of stand-up performance that features an immigrant from Hong Kong to Cyprus who has been confronting a massive cultural gap in her new home. The performance is not only about laughing but contains complicated feelings and tensions. It shows the encounters of the cultural shocks with confusion, realisation and reflection of an alien adapting to a whole new cultural world; people’s beliefs, norms, language, identity, racism, human relationship and social behaviour. Celia Wong guides the audience “traveling” intercultural adventures through her spoken and body language, along with her unique “Sing & Move”. The audience would be encouraged to be a part of the performance. The whole concept of the subject ideally would be raising the values of cultural diversity for all the people who are living together on the same island.

Portfolio / Sample of work