Baltasar António Marques Fonseca

Short bio

Baltasar is a Product Designer and an artist, who graduated from Industrial Design at the Universidade da Beira Interior and currently, he’s on his Master´s Degree in Product Design at the Lisbon School of Architecture. He believes that people are the most important thing in the world of Design and Arts, to communicate, think together and make connections.

Description of general work / practice

As a designer, Baltasar likes to see people´s everyday life and how they behave. In his projects, he likes to use Portuguese materials. His drawings are what he uses to communicate and to improve his projects to get a good balance between form and function. As an artist, he gets inspiration by day to day experiences and everything that surrounds him. He likes the idea of “normal”, and how normal sometimes is just great. Illustration, drawing, 3D modeling and editing are the things that he’s passionate about.

Portfolio / Sample of work