Alexandra Pambouka

Short bio

Alexandra Pambouka is a Visual Artist with environmental and social concerns. She holds a BFA in Fine and Applied Arts of the University of Western Macedonia (GR) and an MA in “Cultural Policy and Development” of the Open University of Cyprus. Since 2016 she has been involved in practical and research work on basket-weaving, in the UK, Portugal and Cyprus. In 2021 she attended the one-year OPEN UP Performance Lab workshop programme under the supervision of Lia Haraki. 



Description of general work / practice

Alexandra has been emphasizing the reconsideration of the non-sustainable existing habits, through her creative practice. One of the main subjects of interest is the impact of humans on the natural environment. She depicts those “questions” by using familiar forms and materials in a non-habitual way.  In addition, she believes that contemporary art should be more socially engaged as folk art was inextricably associated with society in the past. Contemporary practices could retrieve tangible or intangible elements of folk art and become more accessible and critical to the public sphere.  Therefore, in order to involve sustainability and folk art practices, she mainly uses traditional crafts and natural or upcycled materials. She has also developed digital artworks combining her physical textile artworks and digital drawings, to adapt to a new-non tactile environment.  Moreover, she has created participatory projects and site-specific installations, to which locals were invited to contribute. 

Portfolio / Sample of work